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What is Blogging?Blogging is largely becoming a necessity for designers in the current design industry. Originally a web log's purpose was to act as an online public diary, written with the intention that others may read and interact with it. Now however, blogs are used by designers as a means of self promotion.

Below are some useful links on the subject of commercial blogging, not all points are relevant to this blog yet as it was created for personal use and part of the university course.

Why Blog? An article on containing a useful guide to blogging.

8 Reasons why designers should blog Another article from 'graphicdesignblog' discussing the reasons why designers should blog.

1. Blogging helps designers get found in Google (SEO) 2. Finding full time design employement opportunities 3. Designers can make friends with contacts 4. Opportunities and design exposure 5. Extra cash from advertising and affiliate programs 6. Design freebies 7. Blogging to sell your themes, graphics, designs, tshirts or designer murchandise 8. Turning a blog post into a business.

101 Blog Tips Some useful advice on blogging from