10 Tips for Design Students

Added on by James Cronin.
After reflecting on my first year as a design student, I've compiled a list of tips which got me through the year and would hopefully be useful to other students:
  1. Get a Diary- keep track of deadlines, up coming design events and important design dates
  2. Be prepared - having all the tools at your fingertips is essential for a designer
  3. Environment - create an environment you can work in, close your facebook, turn off your phone
  4. Put in the hours - you will have to work hard to meet those deadlines
  5. Take breaks - get some fresh air, take your mind of your work for a while
  6. Read about design - read blogs, design articles, magazines and ses whats happening in the world of design
  7. Research - solving a design problem will require a knowledge of the subject or client your are designing for
  8. Pay attention - attention to detail is important in the design industry
  9. Experiment - take design risks, try something new and be innovative
  10. Have fun - the most important point. Design is a way of life, would you really want to be in any other career?