Self Promotion

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What is Self Promotion?In todays design industry, a designer must promote themselves in order to make a career out of what they do. They must adapt to advances in design and show an understanding of their chosen design field.

A designer must try to stand out from the rest as it is such a competitive industry to be a part of.

How do you do it?

  • First of all you will need to decide what area of design you want to be a part of and tailor your promotion to that niche.
  • Next, decide what makes you stand out from the rest. What type of designer are you?
  • Produce a promotion pack to send to potential employers. (This may include a design manifesto, a personal statement, a CV and of course, examples of your work)

6 Self-Promotion Ideas for Creatives I found the above article, by Antoine Reid, very informative and well written. Antoine is a graphic artist who specialises in Graphic Design and Social Media. He states that self promotion is not about boasting but instead it's a way of pushing yourself to the front of the line in your field while staying relevant and known.

Self Promotional Item

For the latest professional development module I am required to produce a self promotional item that could be sent to design agencies to draw attention to myself and gain their interest before following up with my CV and application. I have put together my own 6 ideas on how to create a succesfull promotional item:

  1. Work must be appropriate to send out to professional contacts.
  2. Elements of the self promotion should be flexible for different situations and contacts.
  3. If the promo needs to be posted it will have to be easy to duplicate a number of times to send to more than one agency.
  4. The item should work along side a digital version that could be sent once interest has been gained.
  5. As a designer develops and reinvents themselves they need to be able to do the same with their self promotional item.
  6. The item must be appropriate, exciting, professional and help you stand out from the crowd.