Social Networking

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Why should you network?Social networking sites connect people to other people from anywhere in the world and is becoming an essential tool for freelance designers, to help get their names out in the design community. Its a great way of meeting new clients and for online business and freelance work.

Reasons why Graphic Designers have to use social networking sites Below is a summary of the points made by 'Naldz Graphics' on social networking. The article is well written and extremely informative.

  1. Build a good online presence
  2. Join design networks
  3. Meet both new and professional designers
  4. Showcase works
  5. Get comments and feedback for improvement
  6. Meet new clients
  7. Learn new things from others
  8. Promote your website
  9. Be known as a designer
  10. Give and get inspiration from others

My accounts Below are some of the social networking sites I am a member of. Please feel free to visit them and add me.

Twitter - online social networking and micro-blogging service - an online Business Card

Zerply - an online C.V

Behance - my online Portfolio

Vimeo - youtube for designers