5 More Design Blogs

Added on by James Cronin.

When I started this blog I put together a list of five blogs I visit daily. Below I've created a new list of some blogs I have found recently which I think are really interesting. It would be useful to analyse the blogs and discover what makes each one work so that I can apply those ideas to my own. David Airey "A brand identity designer working with clients across the globe." His site has a dedicated section for design students.

Design Notes "Multidisciplinary designer, writer and educator Michael Surtees tries to explore people’s daily experiences and observations with design."

Designers Journal "Is a collection of jottings, doodles and graphic design & creative eye candy from around the world."

It's nice that INT aim to "champion great creativity", by publishing exciting practitioners both on their website and in their magazine.

September Industry SI try to focus on quality rather than quantitiy and prefer to post biweekly rather than daily. It contains a carefully curated selection of contemporary graphic design.