Music & Design

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The Jo Whiley Music ShowBBC Radio presenter, Jo Whiley now hosts an interesting music discussion show on sky arts. In the first episode, Noel Gallager spoke about his design process when producing a piece of music. It got me thinking about design and how it is in every aspect of our lives, what we eat, what we wear and what we listen to. I've always had an interest in music and wondered how I could use that in my graphic design work.

An obvious area where graphic design and music meet is in the design of album covers, artist logos and even the music videos.

Peter Saville During Professional Practice in Level 4 I studied Peter Saville for a case study, focussing on what inspired him and his influences. Saville became known originally for his album covers at Factory Records but one of the main reasons for choosing Saville was his theories on design; why create, who for and what is its purpose?

Some of the interviews I found interesting can be seen here:

Peter Saville Q&A: What inspired you? Taken from the D&AD President's Lecture - 12 March 2009