What are they looking for?

Added on by James Cronin.

While looking at the job vacancy ads on the links in the previous post I thought it would be useful to compile a list of the recurring themes/traits/skills that an applicant must have:

  • enthusiastic
  • hardworking
  • interest in the area they are applying for
  • fast learner
  • ability to work to a deadline
  • react to short notice tasks
  • work under pressure with high workloads
  • express a keenness to work with a team
  • work independently
  • working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite
  • push themselves to the limit of their capabilities
  • design experience
  • open minded
  • passion for craft
  • resourceful

One line I thought was interesting on a job advert found on designweek.co.uk was:

"The agency is keeping an open mind on level of experience. Strong creative and attitude is more important."

Which shows that a good portfolio and professional skills in the interview can get you that job.