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In a few days time I will be heading off to Barcelona to partake in the Erasmus exchange programme for 4 and a half months. I applied for the course during 1st year and had to first be accepted by Teesside and then by Bau, their partner University in Spain. I had heard about the programme from friends already at University and as soon as Paul Denison came to talk to us about the opportunity I applied. Its an opportunity to develop as a designer, which I wasn't going to turn it down. Thats why I'm at university in the first place, to become the best designer I can and hopefully one day, have a job I enjoy! Bau, Escuela Superior de Diseño

Bau is a design school, not far from the city centre of Barcelona. It focuses on Graphic Design but also offers night schooling and a masters course.

Lessons are taught in both Castillian and Catalan, with some teachers also working in English. Bau have a different approach to modules and work in a similar way to American universities. They have up to 20 classes available and allow the students to choose between modules and projects.

Studio P52

I'm going to be staying a couple of minutes walk away from the school in a student accommodation which was set up by some ex-students. The old warehouse has been converted into a studio with bedrooms on the upper floors and workspace downstairs. I'm moving in at the same time as 4 other students, all with different creative backgrounds ranging from film production to professional singing.

I think this creative environment which I am going to be joining can only help me develop as a designer and as a creative person.


Above is a screen shot of where I'm going to be living for the next few months. The A is the design school, which doesn't look too far from the beach. The centre of town is about half an hour walk to the left.

I'm really looking forward to this next part of my time as a student and can't wait to get going.