Reflective Report

Added on by James Cronin.

The 'Professional Development' module is coming to an end and I thought it was best to reflect on what I've achieved through the module and areas that need improving in the future:


  • Developed new skills, not just on the PD1 module but also in ADC.
  • Increased awareness of the design industry and certain areas of design such as Advertising.
  • Discovered how important 'professional practice' is to a designer. Paying attention to detail for example is essential when submitting a piece of work or sending out a CV.
  • Taken risks and opportunities to develop as a designer.


The weakest part of the PD1 module has been the physical self promotional item:

  • Not enough time was taken to get it up to a professional standard (time/project management)
  • Strong original idea but not developed enough to a final solution


I've put together a list of goals that would help me develop as a designer and avoid errors that occurred during PD1:

  • Develop the promotional item concept in PD2
  • Incorporate the "James - Ambigram Logo" into the physical design
  • Look into professional printing options (for example
  • Think more about the packaging of the self promotional item
  • Continue to blog in free time and keep up to date with current events in the world of design
  • Start the next project with more consideration for time management and planning (a more regular timetabling system)