Olympic Design

Added on by James Cronin.

Today saw the release of Great Britain's Olympic uniforms designed by Stella McCartney. McCartney, former Creative Director of Chloé , rekindled her collaboration with Adidas to create these Union Jack inspired kits.

It's the first time a leading fashion designer has designed the clothing for a country's team across all competitions for the Olympic games.

"The first place to start on a project like this is to look at the Union flag, for me it's one of the most beautiful flags in the world and it was important for me to stay true to that iconic design but also to modernise it and present it in a contemporary way. Ultimately, we wanted the athletes to feel like a team and be proud with the identity we create."

The designs themselves have come under some scrutiny for the way in which the Union Jack has been altered. The red has been taken out and replaced by turquoise, allowing the red to then be added as an accent on the collars and shoes.

You can view the full collection on the Team GB website below: