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Red Bull

After a recent trip to Monaco to watch the Formula One World Championship, I realised how strong the Red Bull brand is and how saturated the world of Formula One racing is with Red Bulls logo and brand identity.

The Red Bull driver, Mark Webber, led from the start and controlled the race before winning the Monaco GP for the second time in three years. A result that can only do good for the Red Bull brand.

The Product

Red Bull has become the worlds most recognisable and profitable energy drink and that is down to Dietrich Mateschitz's marketing and brand vision.

He said that while the brand is supporting sport culture it also works the other way around. The message through various forms of advertising, events and sponsorships is an 'invitation to be active'. Red Bull is supporting a way of life.


To promote their public image, the Red Bull marketing team have used related content such as viral videos of extreme sports which portray the companies philosophy while subtly increasing brand recognition.

By using content it's target audience would want to see, Red Bull can engage with the viewer and gain trust in the brand and the product. The branded content is not seen as an advert but rather a message from Red Bull telling consumers about their athletes, achievements and next projects.

Marketing is not just a department within Red Bull, its a part of the brand itself. Its part of Mateschitz' bigger vision.