Photoshop Tutorial: How to recreate Instagram's latest filters

Added on by James Cronin.

- How to recreate instagram's latest filters in photoshop.

Back in April Instagram decided to introduce three new filters as part of their “commitment to creativity". The filters were said to be inspired by “weekend adventures outdoors" and are to be used as a tool to enhance subsequent outdoor photography. 

Below are some quick tips to recreate these filters in Photoshop. The example image was taken at the vibrant and colourful Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown, New York:


Lark was intended to be used with landscape imagery. Reds are desaturated while blues and greens are enhanced. The contrast is brought as high as 50% and saturation taken down to -30%.
Highlights and shadows are brought closer together with end values of 20, 1.00 and 230.


Reyes, a very different filter, brings a “dusty, vintage look to your moments". It is best employed on underexposed photos and night photography. The first step in recreating this photo is to add a cream colour fill layer. This time the saturation is brought down to -45% and lightness pushed up to 20. The exposure is increased fractionally and highlights are also made brighter. Increase the contrast now to +50 and bring the overall image brightness down to -10.


Finally, Juno tints cool tones green while enhancing the warmer tones. Whites are made brighter to enhance the subjects in each photo. It's richly saturated and high in contrast, +50. With Channel Mixer, bring reds down to 90% on the red output channel. The last step involves increasing the shadow input level to 30 to darken those areas.